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Recruitment Process

Great Employees Start with A Great Human Resources Selection Process.

The key to attaining sustainable growth for your company is having the right team on board. HR à la carte can help you recruit and select the people who have what it takes to meet your business challenges.

Our HR recruitment process is a proven step-by-step human resources selection system that prevents expensive hiring mistakes and helps ensure that you select the ideal candidate for every role, every time.

Recruiting Toolkit

Hiring the right employee the first time saves you time and money. HR à la carte has developed a comprehensive Recruiting Toolkit to do just that. If you have limited or no Recruiting knowledge, the complete Recruiting Toolkit is for you.


The Recruiting Toolkit contains the following:

  • After the Interview and Evaluation Errors
  • Behavioural Interview Template
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Contract for Independent Contractor
  • Determining an Essential Function in the Job
  • Independent Contractors vs. Employees
  • Interview Questions Inventory
  • Interview Toolkit
  • Job Description and Job Posting Toolkit
  • Job Description Template
  • Job Descriptions In Depth
  • Job Offer Toolkit
  • Job Postings In Depth
  • Legal Guidelines for Interviewing
  • Offer Letter - Contract Hourly Employee
  • Offer Letter - Contract Salaried Employee
  • Offer Letter - Part-Time Employee
  • Offer Letter - Permanent Full-Time Employee with Bonus
  • Phone Screen Template
  • Phone Screen Template 2
  • Phone Screen Template 3
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • Reference Checking Template
  • Reference Checking Toolkit
  • Reference Consent Form
  • Rejection Letter - Template
  • Rejection Letter - Template 2
  • Rejection Letter - Template 3
  • Sample Job Posting
  • Screening Candidates
  • Screening Toolkit
  • Shortlisting Decision Matrix Template
  • Sourcing Candidates
  • Tips on Filling out the Job Description Template
  • Tips for Making the Offer

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