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New Employee Orientation

Orientation Packages for New Employees

Onboarding is the process of introducing and orienting new employees to the workplace, and familiarizing them with the culture, policies and practices of your organization.

The new employee onboarding process is crucial to the successful integration of new staff members, enabling them to add value more quickly.  HR à la carte has a variety of new employee orientation packages and onboarding toolkits including new employee orientation checklists to assist you in acclimatizing new staff members to your company.

New Employee Onboarding Toolkit

Effectively orienting or onboarding a new employee brings them up to speed quickly and enables them to add value to the company at a much faster rate, giving the company a faster return on its investment. If you have limited or no Onboarding knowledge, the complete Onboarding Toolkit is for you.


The New Employee Onboarding Toolkit contains the following:

  • 30/60/90 Day Plan
  • Buddy Program
  • Extension of Probationary Period Letter
  • First Day on the Job Toolkit
  • New Employee File Checklist
  • New Employee Onboarding Survey (3 Months)
  • New Employee Onboarding Survey (First Month)
  • New Hire Checklist for Managers
  • New Hire Kit
  • Organizational Announcement
  • Orientation Schedule
  • Pre-boarding Toolkit
  • Pre-boarding and Onboarding Checklist
  • Successful Completion of Probationary Period
  • Termination Letter Prior to End Probationary Period
  • Welcome Message to New Employee

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