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Employee Performance Management

Putting Together an Employee Performance Management Plan

Employee performance management is a cyclical process that should be directly linked to your company’s strategic objectives. The goal of an employee performance management plan is to make every staff member successful and to ensure that compensation reflects performance.

The annual employee performance management cycle has four distinct phases. Coaching, development and feedback should continue throughout the process.

  • Goal Setting – Establishing individual goals related to company objectives
  • Monitoring and Coaching – Providing feedback to enhance performance or adjust behaviours
  • Evaluation – Conducting a Performance Review to discuss goals, recognize accomplishments and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Compensation Planning – Determining salary increase and other performance rewards and incentives

Performance Management Toolkit

HR à la carte has developed a comprehensive toolkit that’s a one-stop information source to ensure your employees’ work performance is aligned with your company’s goals and objectives. If you have limited or no Performance Management knowledge, the complete Performance Management Toolkit is for you.


The Performance Management Toolkit contains the following:

  • Coaching Analysis
  • Employee Development Plan Template
  • Compensation Data Checklist
  • Compensation Planning Template
  • Compensation Planning Toolkit
  • Data Collection and Performance Diagnosis
  • Determining Base Pay Policy
  • Employee Development Plan Template
  • Elements of Effective Coaching
  • Employee Development Template
  • Example of Pay Increase Distribution
  • Guidelines for Effective Feedback
  • Goal-Setting Toolkit
  • Goal-Setting Template
  • How to Deliver Constructive Criticism
  • Performance Appraisal Toolkit
  • Performance Appraisal Communication to Employees Template
  • Performance Appraisal Template
  • Performance Appraisal Template 2
  • SMART Goal-Setting Checklist
  • Tips on Communicating Pay Increases

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