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Dealing with Difficult Employees

How to Deal with and Handle a Difficult, Negative Employee

Every manager has to deal with at least one - the difficult, negative employee.  The reasons for individual performance and/or personality issues may vary, but their negative impact within the workplace is always the same: decreased productivity and increased stress. An effective process for handling a difficult, negative employee involves:

  • Addressing performance problems
  • Identifying and communicating to the employee
  • Implementing consequences; and
  • Managing legal risk

HR à la carte tools and toolkits will assist you with dealing with a difficult, negative employee situation.

Dealing with Difficult Employees Toolkit

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets. Sometimes, however, that’s not always the case, and there may be one or two employees who, for various reasons, are difficult to deal with. If you have limited or no knowledge of how to handle a difficult employee, the complete Dealing with Difficult Employees Toolkit is for you.


The Dealing with Difficult Employees Toolkit contains the following:

  • Communicating the Concern to the Employee
  • Dealing with Difficult Employee Flow Chart
  • Developing a Performance Plan
  • Difference between Performance Improvement Plan and Disciplinary Letter
  • Disciplinary Letter Toolkit
  • Disciplinary Letter - Absenteeism
  • Disciplinary Letter - Attitude
  • Disciplinary Letter - Performance
  • Disciplinary Letter - Sales
  • Disciplinary Letter Template
  • Example PIP Process
  • Example Progressive Discipline Process
  • Identifying the Performance Issue
  • Notice Provisions
  • Performance Improvement Plan Toolkit
  • Performance Improvement Plan Letter - Extension
  • Performance Improvement Plan Letter - Successful Completion
  • Performance Improvement Plan Letter - Following Unsuccessful Coaching Development Plan
  • Performance Improvement Plan Template
  • PIP Letter following Unsuccessful Coaching Development Plan
  • Successful completion of Performance Improvement Plan Letter
  • Terminating an Employee
  • Termination Pay Provisions

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