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January 2017


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HR News of the Day

New French Email Law Requires Employees to Disconnect After Work

When Working Notice is Not Notice At All

Bill 26:  Proposed Domestic Violence Leave First of Its Kind in Ontario

Energy: Your Leadership Edge for 2017

Guest blogger Monica Bodurka of Healthy to Thrive – Coaching lets us in on her top 3 tips for improving your leadership edge as we start a new year.

The Top Leadership Stories of 2016

As always FastCompany provides insightful leadership news and views.  Here is their compilation of the top leadership stories of 2016. 

Are You Meeting Your Jan 1st AODA Requirements?

For businesses and non-profits. 

If you have between 1 - 49 employees:

- Make your HR practices accessible

- Make your public information accessible when asked.

If you have 50+ employees:

- Make  new or redeveloped public spaces accessible

If you have 20+ employees:

Submit your accessibility compliance report by Dec 31, 2017.

Learn more about your requirements here.  Don't have the time or the expertise on staff to implement AODA?  We are happy to help with several AODA experts on our team.

Medical Notes and Employee Absences

This article outlines a recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice confirming that employers are within their rights to ask for medical notes to verify an employee's absence from work due to illness.  However, employers may not be able to terminate an employee who fails to comply with the request. 

When requesting medical notes, be careful what type of information you ask for, as outlined in this recent HRM Online article.

What We’ve Been Up To



With 2016 behind us (did anyone really enjoy 2016?) we've hit the ground running into 2017.  Compliance continues to be a popular topic amongst our clients however this year we have noticed a new trend around communication skills.  This trend is across industries and sizes of clients.  It seems both managers and employees are having a difficult time communicating effectively and respectfully.  Maybe it's because of today's soundbite social media culture where info has to be relayed in 140 characters or less.  Whatever the root cause, we are working on training with our clients to help them be more successful in this important area.



HR Audits, recruiting and policy work are also off to the races.  With a team of 11 here at HR à la carte and growing we are so excited to continue working with our amazing clients and looking forward to meeting new ones in 2017!

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