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Retaining Talent starts with Onboarding

December 14, 2011, by Stephanie Messier | Employee Onboarding

The idea of onboarding has been around for quite some time, and it used to be known as New Employee Orientation.  Onboarding is more about retaining talent than getting people settled in their new job.

When you onboard a new employee, you make him or her feel welcome and comfortable in their new work environment.  Additionally, you minimize the time before new employees become productive members of their team.

Studies conducted by the Corporate Leadership Council indicate that it’s important for new employees to quickly acclimate to their new work environment and to start building rapport with colleagues.  By doing so, new hires experience a sense of purpose and belonging within their new organization.

From a productivity point of view, onboarding can help minimize the downtime typically experienced when bringing a new employee into the team.  By sharing information such as performance expectations, clarifying the role further  and discussing objectives right away, there can be a significant reduction in misunderstandings, which can often lead to frustration and even the premature departure of a new hire.

Investing in an onboarding program and consistently applying it will definitively have a positive impact on your retention.

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