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HR Leaders and Experts with Fortune 500 experience

We know first-hand the expenditure of time and effort that is made on a daily basis to stay on top of your game. We recognized that business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and HR professionals in growing operations experience similar challenges.  We had the HR expertise garnered across many different industries and businesses across Canada and globally.  We wanted to bring that proven know-how to growing business operations in a simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective way.  So, we left the corporate world with one mission in mind; to make HR easy for growing operations.  Making HR programs, policies and processes easily accessible, flexible and simple to implement both aids in our clients’ success and allows them to spend more time on what matters most to them.  And so HR à la carte was born.  HR made easy.

The team at HR à la carte provides cost-effective, Fortune 500 HR consulting services and effective recruiting strategies adapted to growing businesses in Canada.

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